Last-Minute Proofing Tips


October 1, 2012 by daawriter

You’ve read your publication from beginning to end five times and feel like it’s ready to go to press. Before you sign off, check these five surprisingly commonly-overlooked details.

Page numbers. Even if your publication features the same number of pages every issue, always double check that page numbers are in the right order.

Photo captions. Double check all names are spelled correctly and that the number of names matches the number of people in the photo. Look at the photos carefully to ensure nothing in the background is inappropriate.

Headlines. Follow the same style for headlines throughout the entire publication. Write catchy headlines that capture attention but also describe the article accurately.

Bulleted lists. Ensure each bullet is written in a consistent style. If one starts with a verb, make sure they all do.

Table of contents. Save the TOC for last. Oftentimes, articles get rearranged during the proofing process and headlines get rewritten. Review the TOC right before you go to press.

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One thought on “Last-Minute Proofing Tips

  1. Excellent set of last-minute things to check, and you’re right – things we often overlook. Thanks!

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